Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

A perfect buy for your health.

Groundnut oil is a great blend of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your health, made from the finest ingredients, with a delicious and nutty aroma, produced using ancient method of oil extraction. The premium-quality product is wood-pressed to perfection to retain the natural flavour and nutrient value, suitable for anything from dressing, sauces to deep frying. It is a must-have, healthy cooking oil for every dish. It is free from harmful chemicals.

  • Healthy immune system

  • Pure

  • All-day energy

  • No chemicals, no preservatives, no Trans Fat

  • Full of nutrients essential for your health

  • Unique flavour

  • Zero cholesterol

  • No added colour

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Your health is our concern.

Cherishing every chunk of the superfood - Coconut, we present to you our pure, natural, Coconut oil, suitable for cooking, for every food, dish and dressing. There are no artificial flavours, no preservatives, no chemicals added. Coconut oil is extracted through traditional wood-pressed methods. Highly preferred for antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and other evidence-based benefits. You serve and use it any way. It wins.

  • Pure – unlock the power of superfood

  • Ideal for hair and skin

  • Good cholesterol

  • Perfect for cooking, salad dressing, deep frying and oil pulling

  • Roasted aroma and taste

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Mustard oil, perfect for everyday meal.

All you need is a bottle of Mustard oil and tastiest, healthy meals that come with it. A pristine pure oil naturally extracted from Mustard seeds and churned through the traditional process, completely free from chemicals, to give you the most fragrant and purest form, rich in antioxidants and minerals, - favorable balance of everything. Find happiness in cooking with chemical-free mustard oil.

  • Good digestive system, haircare, skincare

  • Authentic flavor, ideal for pickle

  • A good, aromatic fragrance

  • Natural extraction

  • Powerful taste especially for salad dressing and cooking

  • No chemicals, preservatives, Trans Fat

  • Zero cholesterol

  • No added colour

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Health & Taste, Served Together.

Rejuvenating Sesame Oil, made by crushing white sesame seeds naturally without damaging fatty acids, in a nutrient-filled, wood pressing oil that comes in different batches. The farm-fresh sesame seeds are grown naturally to ensure better taste and aroma. It is rich in antioxidants, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. A healthy ingredient for garnishing, salad dressings, cooking and more.

  • Natural goodness preserved

  • Healthy immune system

  • Pure

  • High-quality ingredients

  • Good for heart

  • Rich, nutty flavour

  • No chemicals, preservatives and Trans Fat

  • Zero cholesterol

  • No added colour

Cold Pressed Sunflower oil

The perfect golden drops for a healthy light.

A pure, natural Sunflower oil, free from minerals and chemicals, high in the essential vitamins and nutrients. It is extracted from sunflower seeds grown and sourced from the finest farms across India. A perfectly delicate flavor for all your meals, a reservoir of goodness. It is an ideal cooking oil to make your dishes more perfect. Get unbeatable value with every pack size.

  • Rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 fats

  • High in unsaturated fats

  • A subtle taste

  • No chemicals, preservatives and Trans Fat

  • Zero cholesterol

  • An ideal fit for baking and dressing

  • Good for skin, heart and immune system

  • No added colour